The company has been operating for decades at the historical site of Caselle t.se always dedicated to agriculture. Our activity includes the production, sale and repair of agricultural machinery.

The production of agricultural equipment is divided into multiple sectors. We are specialized in manufacturing harrows for lawn and pasture,  the result of constant research to improve the productivity and regeneration of turf.

Part  of the activity is dedicated to snow removal, with a range of equipment from front and rear snowplow with 3-point hitching or counterplates. In addition, a smaller part concerns forage rakes and logging tongs.

In parallel to our own production of pasture and lawn harrows, snowplows, small forage swathers and logging tongs, the company acts as distributer of the best brand names in the field with after-sale service and spare parts. Marsaglia's strength lies in our ability to adapt and modify our   machinery to comply to customer needs.

Customer service and spare parts

  After-sale high quality customer service and original spare parts