Airflex is the top of the range of Marsaglia lawn harrows, designed for large pastures to improve productivity and regeneration of turf, with combined actions of aerator, moss rake and harrow. Airflex Marsaglia has an innovative system of combined vane and spring action, each fully adjustable and independent.

The vanes are connected to elastic bars and connected to a the very sturdy frame, to sustain high working speeds.

The spring teeth with a diameter of 8 mm, are mounted on 5 rows on separate sectors so as to obtain the best possible adaptation to the ground. The Marsaglia spring teeth are designed to avoid the so-called "RAKE" effect.

Both systems, SPRINGS and VANES are easily adjustable, so that the operator can perform a proper adjustement of the lawn harrow according to soil conditions. Currently we produce two AIRFLEX models: AIRFLEX N and S. All models can be equipped with grassing seeders.


 Airflex 600 NAirflex 600 S
working width m 6.00 m 6.00
transport width m 2.50 m 2.50
vanes No. 21 21
elastic bars No. 21 21
spring teeth No. 120 120
spring tooth rows No. 5 5
tooth bar sections No. 3 3
adjustable vanes YES YES
adjustable spring teeth YES YES
rubber wheels 10 ply 4 4
weight kg. 890 kg. 975






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